Tasting Event – Son of Dracula Plum Brandy Feb 9, 2019

We are having a tasting Saturday Feb 9th for Dracula Son Of Dragon Brandy!

It has a savings of 10.00 now only $63.48 plus tax and deposit

This plum Brandy is a 100% natural product,with double distilled fruits according to a genuine brewing technique.

Distillation process is still traditionally made from generation to generation, in copper boilers and classic alembic with open fire.

The taste is medium strong, with silky clean-cut fruit flavours. It has a mild gold colour.

To obtain 700ml of distillate are used 7 kg of plums

Recommended for serving very cold, just before the meal.

Sea Cider

Take a ride on Witch’s Broom; a spooky semi-sweet cider infused with a bouquet of fall spices that will send you over the pumpkin patch! With lingering notes of cinnamon, orange, nutmeg, and ginger, she is as tantalizing as pumpkin pie; but, her namesake is Scotch Broom, an invasive plant that threatens the West Coast. Witch’s Broom pairs famously with fall meals. Consider pairing with Thanksgiving dinner, root vegetables, and duck dishes. Think fall soups, braised meat dishes and roasted nuts.
9,9% alc/vol.